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Fergie Jenkins and Don Kessinger have been selected for listing in our 2008 Hall of Fame Ballot.  Voting on their induction will begin Nov. 1st and run though the 21st.  Nominees must receive 95% of the committee members' vote to be inducted.  Results will be announced on Dec. 1st. 

The Friendly Confines

Become a Member

All Chicago Cubs fans are welcome to apply for membership to our fan-driven Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame Committee.  Membership applications will be accepted in October.  Please check back in Sept. for details.

Ron Santo Joins the Elite

Selected to Cubs Hall of Fame

The Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame Committee is proud to announce that Ron Santo has been inducted into the fans Hall of Fame.  In a press release of 3/1/2008, the committee reported that Mr. Santo was selected on 99.7% of the ballots.  Mr. Santo played for the Cubs from 1960 - 1973.  Among his many accomplishments, he was a 9- time NL all-star and 5- time Gold Glove winner.  Click here for more information about Mr. Santo's career. 
Memorable Moment:  9/9/1969.  A black cat crosses Mr. Santo's path during a critical game against the New York Mets.  That moment became an omen for the '69 Cubs, as their pennant hopes faded in the waning days of that fabled season.  The "curse of the black cat" joins other legendary Cubs curses that haunt baseball's most lovable team.

Recent News

2/27/07: The HoF Veterans Committee again failed to add Chicago Cubs legend Ron Santo to Baseball's Hall of Fame.  Santo received 69.5 percent of the vote, just shy of the 75% needed for selection.   Fans of the Cubs superstar were outraged by the decision.

Fans React to Santo Snub

End the Committee?

Outraged Chicago Cubs fans called for the elimination of Baseball's Hall of Fame Veterans Committee.  Since its inception, the committee has failed to induct a single player into the Hall of Fame.  Cubs fans believe the committee is stacked with "dumb jocks from the now-defunct Chicago White Sox." 

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